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How to become b2b connected

17 Feb 2016

Finding the proper partner for the projects that for some reasons we are unable to realize, but which will gave … More

Industrial project, final offers till 29.02.2016

17 Feb 2016

Requirements : 1 Senior mechanical engineers, ProE, 5+ years of expierence 3 mechanical engineers, ProE, 2+ years of expierence Location: … More

Share staff, gain new contracts

15 Feb 2016

Sharing your unutilized employers is one way to entry the new market, where we can share and gain knowledge, raise … More

How to find the proper outsourcer?

30 Jan 2016

Outsourcing is no longer a topic of “should we have it” matter, it’s more about on what level and from … More

HR outsource service required, offers till 01.03.2016

25 Jan 2016

Requiremed services : HR, for 100 employees Location: DE, Saxony Duration : 12 months + All the details will be … More

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Our mission is to provide the solutions for B2B market, make it more efficient and flexible. Through our web platform the entrepreneurs will be able to, find the most accurate partners in all relevant field of outsource services. There will be significant “choose time” decrease, and value to price increase.  One of the big benefits will be tool, for unutilized staff sharing. Our company will offer its support through the whole period of contract. The impartial of B2BContract offers will be guaranteed as we will never be a side of a contract, and our main goal will be to perform the support on the highest quality level for each participant..